Environmental Policy


Wexas Travel Management is committed to minimising the effects of its business on the environment. We’ve financially supported conservation projects through the Royal Geographical Society since 1970 and are actively supporting both community-based and environmental charities through the Wexas Travel Foundation, established in 2007.

Our commitments

In addition, the company is committed to a comprehensive environmental policy:

  • Wexas publications use sustainable forestry sources
  • We use the latest technology available to provide energy saving benefits. When computer systems are upgraded we donate the original equipment to charitable organisations such as Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London
  • Our offices are cleaned using environmentally friendly cleaning products only and consumables (such as hand towels) are made from recycled paper
  • Our booking system is paperless and, where possible, all records are kept on systems rather than paper files. Additionally, we use e-ticketing to further reduce paper consumption
  • The creation of wastepaper is minimised and what there is, where practical, is pulped and recycled
  • Our policy is to use public transport for UK business travel

Carbon offsetting & carbon protection

Wexas offered a carbon-offsetting scheme long before it was fashionable to do so. We are fully aware that carbon offsetting has attracted fierce debate. With no trade standards relating to offset schemes, it is important to research the integrity of an organisation before committing, and not to treat offsetting as a licence to pollute at will.

We continue to support Climate Care’s Carbon Calculator because we’re confident that Climate Care is well run, underpinned by good science and delivers what it claims.

That said, the principal of offsetting remains the same – to neutralise the carbon dioxide emissions produced by business and personal activity. However, by supporting Cool Earth through the Wexas Travel Foundation you can do far more than just offset your daily emissions. Sponsoring just one acre of rainforest through Cool Earth will protect around 20 times the amount of carbon dioxide you’re likely to produce in a year, proving once again that Wexas is at the forefront of environmental thinking.