Technology - Improving internal processes yield greater client benefits

Technology - Improving internal processes yield greater client benefits

This month (May) Wexas's corporate customers will begin to receive e-invoices rather than the traditional paper version. As well as being a more environmentally friendly solution, the invoices will be clearer, better formatted and with more content to make reconciliation easier for customers.

It is one example of the improved service that Wexas customers will receive as a result of implementing a Business Improvement Project with technology partner Amadeus.

Paul Reed, Corporate Operations Manager for Wexas, says,

"The key benefit for the customer will be in the invoicing and statement. The e-invoicing is in a clearer format because the data will be processed in one mid-office system, whether it's for air rail or hotel."

Paul continues,

"Previously UK rail had to be invoiced in a different system. Now there's only one type of invoice for all items."

According to Paul, the new single-platform system will eradicate many of the traditional manual processes. He says,

"This will streamline all our processes from the enquiry all the way through to the billing and reconciliation including clients using an American Express Business Travel Account facility.

"The great thing for us is the time saving," says Paul. With a greatly reduced average time per booking Wexas consultants will have more time for our clients and to provide our 'best-in'class' service.

As well as introducing efficiencies for Wexas staff, the whole system is much more connected and streamlined.

We have also embarked on upgrades to our website so that clients will benefit from direct access to our new systems and manage their account online should they wish - obtaining reports on travel expenditure and traveller profiles for example.  Information on these planned developments will be available later in the year.

Gavin Hambrey, Head of Account Management - Corporate, at Amadeus UK says,

"Along with enhancements to the travel consultant's reservations environment, we are also deploying a traveller profile management system and delivering a new mid and back office system."

The traveller profile management system will create a profile name record (PNR) for the passenger at the time of booking which will then be connected with the booking until the time of reconciliation and invoicing. As well as making invoice checking easier, it means that individual itineraries will be generated which travellers can access online or via their smartphones, if they wish.

Of the Wexas initiative Gavin says that,

"Such re-engineering is complex and represents a significant investment by both parties, but we are confident that the enhanced workflow will have a positive effect on customer service levels as well as invoicing and confirmation documents."

Paul agrees. He says,

"Consultants will have more time for customers and service."

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