A return to travel: PCR testing

With overseas travel now possible again, at least to a select number of green- and amber-list destinations, you'll likely hear the term PCR testing frequently. Here we take a look at what a PCR test actually is, what it means for your company's travel plans and, of course, how you go about getting one.

What is a PCR test?

A PCR test is used to detect Coronavirus (Covid-19) in your body through the presence of the virus’s genetic material, or RNA. The test itself is carried out either at home or a clinic via a swab sample of your nose and throat, with results usually back within 24 hours. Same-day services are also available but, of course, cost a bit more.

It's important to know that there are other types of coronavirus test, including 'LAMP', 'TMA' and antigen tests, which typically allow results to be obtained more quickly. However, as most destinations do yet not recognise these for entry - nor do some airlines even if the destination does - we would currently recommend obtaining a PCR test unless it is clear that another type of test is acceptable for both your destination and airline.

Do I need a PCR test?

A negative PCR test result is likely to be needed for entry to many, but not all, international destinations. Some might accept other types of test, while some may make other allowances for fully vaccinated travellers. In fact, an increasing number of European destinations are now permitting entry for fully vaccinated traveller without the need to test. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend visiting the FCDO website

You'll also need to undergo Covid-19 testing as a requirement of entry to the UK, both before departing your destination and also after arriving home. The current requirements are summarised below:

Testing before travelling to or returning to the UK

  • Take a coronavirus (COVID-19) test and get a negative result during the three days before you travel to the UK
  • This test doesn’t necessarily need to be PCR test
  • This test applies to all adults and children between the ages 11 and 18 only

You can find details of testing prior to travelling to the UK, including exemptions, here

Testing on return to the UK

  • Which tests need to be taken on your return to the UK depends on which grading your destination has been given, based on the government's traffic light system. You can find details on this here
  • There are no testing requirements for children under the age of five

You can find details of ‘Travel Test’ packages, and how to book them, here

Optional ‘test to release’ system

You can pre-book / pre-order all your relevant tests prior to departure with Qured, a government approved supplier who are also working in partnership with British Airways.

How much does a PCR test cost?

While the cost of PCR tests are starting to come down, they typically cost between £100 and £200 per person, sometimes more if you require a same-day service from a private clinic. Travellers will NOT be able to obtain a PCR test via the NHS.

Where can I get a pre-departure PCR test?

There are now numerous providers of PCR-tests for travel across the country and a quick online check via a search engine will bring back a range of options.  There are two main methods of obtaining a test: 

  1. the first is a ‘test at home’ option where a kit is sent to you from the provider that allows you to take a sample at home which is then posted to a laboratory for analysis; results are returned to you via email or an app - usually within 24-48 hours of receipt by the lab
  2. the second is to attend a clinic where a sample is taken by a trained clinician, which is then sent to a lab by the clinic with results returned via email or an app; this method is usually more expensive but there is less chance of the sample being taken incorrectly

We would currently recommend the second option above, which although more expensive, is likely to be more reliable and results can often be returned more quickly.

When using a home sampling kit, particular care must be taken to ensure there is sufficient time for the test swab to be sent in the post, particularly over weekends and bank holiday periods.

In all cases please check carefully how quickly results will be delivered by your test provider and what the exact requirements are for your destination at the FCDO website. Please note that some destinations, such as Dubai, may not accept the results for some types of home sampling/testing.

Our PCR test partners

To help our clients get the best value and service for Covid-19 testing, we've partnered with the following organisations and negotiated discounted rates with each:

Test at London Heathrow with DiamondAir

DiamondAir, offers a range of PCR pre-travel COVID-19 test options for clients who are able to attend a clinic at London Heathrow Airport prior to travel. Tests are conducted at a dedicated facility at the airport, with results being made available in as little as 4-12 hours if using their express service.  Prices start at £155 per person for the standard service.  

While this option is convenient for anyone living close to London Heathrow, DiamondAir is also able to offer a range of alternative options including home test kits, meet-and-greet services and chauffeur transfers. For example, you’d be able to transfer to the airport for your test, stay overnight at an airport hotel and then collect the results the next day before your flight.

We have negotiated a 5% discount on any COVID-19 test services offered, simply enter the discount code WTM05 when booking using the link below or quote the same code when calling DiamondAir on 020 8897 9183.

Book online here 

Please note, you'll need to book early, especially for travel around peak travel periods such as bank holidays and school holidays.

Collinson Group

With a wide range of testing options and prices, Collinson Group provides everything you'll need for pre-travel testing and testing on your return to the UK. They also offer easy-to-navigate testing packages for arrivals from green and amber-list countries. As part of our partnership, we're able to offer a 20% discount on all Collinson Group testing services. Simply follow the link below and use the discount code WEXL20.

Book online here

Other airport-based testing options

Testing centres have recently been opened at a number of major UK airports. However, due to the way PCR tests results have to be analysed it is generally not possible to undergo a PCR test and get the result the same day from any airport locations, so plan on visiting the airport a few days before travel, depending on the requirements of your destination. Airport testing is also available to book via our parters – DiamondAir, Express Test and Collinson Group – at a discounted rate.

British Airways & Randox Health

If you are flying with British Airways you can benefit from discounted rates with several test providers offering different testing services – details are available here. This now includes a partnership with Randox Health, where British Airways customers can obtain a PCR test for £60 per person.

Airport hotel testing

Some airport hotels, including the Sofitel at Heathrow Terminal 5 and Hilton Gatwick, now offer a 'test and rest' service where you can purchase a package that includes overnight stay and a PCR saliva test which is analysed overnight and results delivered the following morning via email or mobile app. Note that, although tests are analysed in priority order based on flight departure time, there is no guarantee that results will be returned early enough for very early morning departures, so please check carefully with the hotel before booking this service.

Please note that this information is provided in good faith but we are not responsible for the services provided by any of these third parties.  

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