Around the world in 80 days: Mark Beaumont sets a new world record

Famed British cyclist Mark Beaumont has set an astonishing new world record cycling around the world in just 79 days – beating the previous best by 44 days. Inspired by the classic Jules Verne novel, Mark managed to beat Phileas Fogg's effort by a day, and with just a little bit more exertion! Hailing from Perthshire, Scotland, Mark's colossal 18,000-mile route required him to average 240 miles a day, spending over 16 hours a day on his bike and just five hours a night sleeping.

And it was Wexas Travel Management that played a key role in assisting Mark during his journey. As Mark said:

Logistics were at the heart of our success, and the team at Wexas have worked with me for a very long time, making sure I never missed a flight and take every hour off the world records. Thanks to the around-the-clock work of Alex Crosby, Jennifer Hartnett and Joanne Henderson.

We took great pride in assisting Mark and his team throughout the journey, including some very thorough preparation to ensure everything ran smoothly. We thrive on servicing our clients with the utmost care and this was a challenge we truly couldn't wait to deliver on.

Along the way, Mark was also awarded another world record accolade for cycling the most amount of miles in a month, having achieved 7,031 miles – independently verified by the Guinness World Records.

What next for Mark?

After a well-deserved rest, Mark will be spending the next few weeks circuiting his home nation delivering talks on his adventure. His journey was in aid of Orkidstudio, a charity that seeks to benefit local communities through architecture and construction. If you would like to donate, you can find out more here.

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